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did you know that behaving like an atrocious stereotypical caricature of a ‘hood-rat’ does not actually darken the pigment of your skin?

White People Don’t Know About Lotion

hey white people

wanna know the secret behind what you seem to think is some sort of magical anti-aging gene in black people?

It’s called using lotion and taking care of your skin

that’s it

that’s the big secret

i shouldn’t even be telling you this

they’re gonna wanna know how I found this out

just stop saying dumb shit about how ‘black people don’t age omg lol’

daneeyul replied to your post: “White people whose opinions I do…

White people talking about white people is such a hilarious train wreck

I think that white people* love these news stories like “Paula Deen called somebody a nigger” 

because the act of pointing at somebody and saying “they’re a racist, they’re a bad person” contains an implicit claim that “I’m not a racist, and I’m a good person, because I’m condemning them.” 

White people love to use these ‘scandals’ (as if anybody in the world is shocked that an old white cooking-lady from the south is racist) in order to regain their innocence and moral authority and to assuage their white guilt.

Which is what’s so sickening about the whole spectacle. Most of the condemnation of Deen isn’t out of genuine moral outrage, it’s just people using the character flaws of famous people in order to build up their own image of themselves. No different from when people read gossip mags about Lindsay Lohan.

*when I say ‘white people’ I obviously don’t mean every white person. In this instance I mean the people who have reveled in this whole Paula Deen story, especially those in the media.

Hi, I've read you saying that 'skinny white girls' should stop twerking... Why do you say this? Also, what about skinny girls that are not white? I suppose that since they 'don't have the equipment' (as in not having a big ass I think you're trying to say?), they neither should twerk? Or what about skinny white latin american girls? They can't twerk too, even when it's a common movement in some latin american dances?

these skinny white girls need to knock it off with the twerking

honey i get that you want to be included but you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t have the equiptment

you’re embarrassing everybody

What do you think of the current concept of "white privilege" or really any of them (white, male, etc.) I've been really overwhelmed with this topic on Tumblr and don't know what to think anymore.


I would bet anything this plan was the brainchild of White People.

Further, though, the TOMS campaign — like the million shirts — misses the fundamental point that not having a pair of shoes (or a shirt, christmas toy, etc.) is not a problem about not having shoes. It’s a problem of poverty. Shoelessness, such as it is, is a symptom of a much bigger and more complex problem. And while donating a pair of shoes helps shoelessness, it does not help poverty.

Things like jobs help poverty. Jobs making things like shoes, for example. But TOMS doesn’t make its shoes in Africa, it makes them in China where it’s presumably cheaper to make two pairs of shoes and give one away than it is to get people in a needier community to make one pair of shoes.

The result of this setup, as Zizek explains most succinctly, is that on a big-picture level, TOMS (and other buy-my-product-and-donate companies) are busy building the exploitative global structure that produces economic inequality, while on the other hand pretending that supporting them actually does something to fix it.

It doesn’t. It just gives people shoes.

The 7 Worst International Aid Ideas  

But all that matters is the “precious white egos” (rogelio’s wonderful phrase) of the the idiotic first-worlders doing the ‘saving’. It’s not actually about the people they’re claiming to save. Those people are just props in their morality play. It’s about the big M E.

white people are at their most racist when they think they are saying something that is proving how non-racist they are

100% chance the person who made this was white.

100% chance the person who made this was white.

people keep telling me that the reason those statues have such small dicks is because in ancient greek society a small penis was the ideal

that is some peak white people shit

the privilege of being anti-gun. this is what i was thinking about yesterday. like, i’m a brown person living in South Central LA. the police do not care about me or my family. if i need them they will either show up three days later, try to get US in trouble, or not come at all. if something happens i need to protect myself because no one else will. and a whole bunch of white liberals don’t see this because they don’t have to worry about how shitty the police are, and then disguise their ignorance as some kind of circle jerk sense of moral superiority

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