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pon-raul replied to your post: seriously tho re-watch the cartoon version of the…

or that invading others private property is wrong

that’s too literal an interpretation

him taking their shit is just a symbol oh his attempt to live free from their obnoxious christmas cult and their noise pollution which has driving him batty for 53 years

but in the end they broke his spirit

and he gave up his individuality and his beliefs and joined their insane cult of christmas

seriously tho re-watch the cartoon version of the grinch and it’s a very sad cautionary tale about giving into peer pressure and conforming to society

How the Whos finally broke the Grinch’s spirit

after 53 years of driving him insane, The Grinch was a desperate fool at the end of his pitiful rope, and thus he decides to attempt to “steal” Christmas in order to keep it from coming, 

by the end he’s completely lost his marbles after the realization that their insane Christmas cult is unstoppable

then when his heart explodes and his mind is completely turned to who hash,

he’s carving the damn roast beast with an insane smile plastered across his face

it reminds me of mcmurphy at the end of Cuckoo’s Nest or winston at the close of 1984

all he needed was a damn lobotomy scar

Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother Christmas.”

In all honestly they should call it

How the Whos finally broke the Grinch’s spirit

oh my god

if you re watch how the grinch stole christmas

he’s really a very sympathetic character

he just wants to be left in peace and quiet but the damn whos insist on making a racket every year and driving him crazy

anti-caps and militant atheists 

literally me

literally me


The Grinch doesn’t become a fucking socialist. He was a grinch because he was anti-capitalist communist and didn’t want people buying each other gifts. He was against the commodification of love and family by way of cheap trinkets. He was against the idea that you could buy love, and thus plotted to steal all of the presents from Whoville and force the Whos into a situation that would force them to love their family for their company and their love, and not for whatever that person bought them, just for one day. When the Grinch saw how the capitalist culture of Christmas brought actual joy to Cindy Lou Who, he realized that weighing his own philosophy on a whole society by theft was misguided, and he had to weigh his forceful revolution against the genuine happiness of the society. This lead him to the conclusion that his morals are not universal, and that the most important thing for people is whatever brings joy into their lives. As far as Whoville and the Whos are concerned, the Grinch embraced capitalism.

It wasn’t the Grinch’s heart that grew three times its size, it was his brain.