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Norm on the Dennis Miller Show (w/ Jason Sudeikis)

this is from december but it’s still hilarious

I said [to my manager], ‘I heard that guy Dennis Miller’s getting a talk-show, you know? Maybe I could do some jokes for him. I’ve seen him talk on TV.’ I would always have to tell him what I heard about show business from watching The Dick Van Dyke Show years ago. I go, ‘he’ll probably need writers’. So they look into it, and you have to send in jokes. Like, a big packet of jokes. So, it’s about the news, you know? I never read the newspaper or anything, so I go to this Denny’s and I start reading the newspaper trying to think up jokes—nothing. Every story’s real serious. And I’m deep into it and getting sleepy. So, I wrote like ten jokes, and nine of them really sucked. There was one alright one. I didn’t know what to do. I found my manager and said maybe I’ll just send one. So I sent one and then I got the job.
Norm Macdonald, on how Dennis Miller gave him his first job in TV based off of one joke
I don’t like politics, personally. I find it uninteresting. So, I’m not attracted to [political comedy]. [Bill Maher & Dennis Miller] are both very very funny guys, but I wish they’d talk about everything rather than one thing.
Norm Macdonald

SNL Jingle Bells with the Three Millers



Norm on Dennis Reynolds


Norm on the Dennis Miller Millennium Special.

 speaks for itself: “COCK! COCK! COOOOCCCKK! That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”