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People just have bad memories, and it’s a damn shame… Let’s face it, Pam and Robert Forster, anybody else adapting Rum Punch probably wouldn’t have cast those two people… I think one of the worst things that happens in hollywood is a very uncreative-ness when it comes to casting. And part of that un-creativity, that un-artlessness that happens in casting, is, you basically have the same names on this list that the studio makes, and it’s the same list of names that are working on the high-profile films. Every once in a while somebody else gets in there but usually they better be young, they better be a youngster. And I’m not talking about Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks, I’m talking about all the way down to the character actors—the corrupt sheriff and his bumbling deputy—and that’s why when you go see Hollywood movies, you see the same bigger name character actors in five or six movies. And what happens is, as five years goes on some of them stay on that list, some of them drop off and new people come on. Robert Forster didn’t go anywhere. He’s been working, but he’s been way off that list. And he’s being doing straight-to-video movies and stuff. And some of those movies are okay, and some of them are even pretty good, and some of them are horrible! But he’s good in all of ‘em. I don’t have that list. I have a good memory. I know that Robert Forster’s still there and he’s still kickin’ butt. I know Pam Grier’s still there and she’s still kickin’ butt. I’ve got a much longer list. And the only thing you need to be on that list is a good actor. And that doesn’t make me cool, I just have more of a memory than most directors and most casting directors.

Quentin Tarantino x

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