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This is why the only mutualist I follow is Baker.

The rest of you are angry for the sake of being angry. You don’t even know what you’re angry at.

I’m not even a mutualist, but I can understand why people get angry when dealing with capitalists.

“leeching surplus value.” /headdesk

Seriously. I don’t think that marlkarx understands that value is derived by the individual and that it varies on a person to person basis. 

If you sell me X for what you deem to be fair value, let us say $5, and I happily pay you $5 because to me it has a value of $20, I didn’t “leech” $15 dollars from you. You were perfectly fine with parting with item X in exchange for $5 and I was ecstatic to find X for $15 under my perceived value. 

I think if I were to ask marlkarx on what he thought about value and wealth, he’d probably assume that wealth and value were finite and that one person’s gain was a result of a loss for another. 

Anyway, I’ve broken my value-extorting chains and I’m off to go on vacation. Enjoy being leeched for 2 more day until you, too, can partake on your 24 hours of government granted moratorium from the corporate cages of America, you labor-slaves of capitalist pigs!!!

oh god you poor thing you haven’t heard…

on tumblr people believe in the Labor Theory of value