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"I say say what we be sayin when they aaaaaaint around"

"….white people be crazy….?"

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah they do

Aaand, Pooh Bear transition complete.

Oh, Roz. She was the Rozziest. 

F R O S T  /  N I X O N

We were headed, both of us, for the dirt. The place the snobs always told us that we’d end up. Face in the dust, humiliated all the more for having tried. So pitifully hard. Well, to hell with that! We’re not going to let that happen, either of us. We’re going to show those bums, we’re going to make ‘em choke on our continued success. Our continued headlines! Our continued awards! And power! And glory! We are gonna make those mother fuckers choke!

I’m gonna keep using that gif of Drew throwing the toast at Chris forever

This is America. It's all song and dance and rhetoric people feed into. Freedom is what is allowed. It's not true freedom.



No, it’s white freedom of speech… which is my point. There is NO freedom of speech in your country. There never has been. 

..and I am sure that the U.K is a great bastion of liberty.

"white freedom of speech"

pon-raul replied to your post:one day the…
you shush

tom hardy and nicki minaj, ethan

one day the projecting-a-duplicate-of-any-celeb-into-a-blank-robot tech from futurama will be real

think about the orgies we could have